Data Centre World is Back!

Data Centre World, the UK’s biggest Data Centre exhibition is returning to London’s ExCeL centre on the 2nd – 3rd March 2022 and EDP Europe is delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting on stand D622

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EDP Europe will be exhibiting at Data Centre World in conjunction with Bergvik.

Bergvik specialise in complete flooring solutions including its Iso Floor raised access floor system. Iso Floor is unlike a traditional raised floor system as it utilises a steel substructure which offers greater flexibility in design, deployment and on-going Data Centre operations compared to traditional pedestal raised flooring systems.

EDP Europe will also be showcasing leading technology solutions designed to optimise your Data Centre for future growth. These will include modular, high-density fibre connectivity offerings from HUBER+SUHNER as well as state-of-the-art Coldlogik rear door coolers – both of which provide Data Centre operators with scalable, modular systems designed to optimise space, power, performance and efficiency.

Our team will be on-hand to discuss other solutions in our portfolio including power, security, energy efficiency, and our bespoke engineering capabilities.

Bergvik Iso Floor Raised Floor System
Bergvik Iso Floor

Bergvik Iso Floor is an advanced and dynamic raised access floor solution that has a unique design which easily enables it to adapt to ever-changing technologies, equipment densities, equipment footprints and cooling demands.

Unlike the traditional pedestal raised floor, Iso Floor uses a steel beam subframe that provides a higher level of lateral stability, even when ALL the floor tiles are removed. The design provides the core benefits of:

  • Up to 70% fewer pedestals than a traditional floor. This helps increase plenum space allowing easier access to building services, better optimisation of cable management and improving airflow under the floor.
  • Multi-sized floor panels allow better space optimisation of the floor layout, making it possible to get up to 25% more equipment on the same footprint compared to a traditional pedestal system.
  • Heavy equipment such as CRACs, UPS units etc. can be supported directly by the subframe removing the need for expensive equipment stands.
  • Two earthing points is all that is required to ground the entire floor.
  • Greater flexibility in floor height from 300mm to 2400mm even within the same area. It can also cope with subfloors that slope.
HUBER+SUHNER CDR Optical Distribution Frame

HUBER+SUHNER is a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced fibre network solutions. The LiSA CDR (Cable Distribution Rack) is their latest Optical Distribution frame that provides centralised management of fibre cross connections in various areas of a Data Centre.

  • The LiSA CDR offers fast, flexible and future-proofed fibre management in inter-connect or cross-connect networking applications.
  • With a depth of only 300mm the CDR provides a lower footprint size enabling greater space optimisation, thus saving revenue generating floor space.
  • Manage a variety of fibre optic cable types and options within one rack (Single Mode, Multi-Mode, Loose Tube, Micro-Core, MTP, Patch/Patch, Pre-terms and Ribbon).
  • Improve accessibility to fibres as all connections are managed from the front.
  • Modular design increases scalability future-proofing your fibre network infrastructure to future growth.
  • Each CDR can manage up to 3,240 fibres using LC connectivity or up to 25,920 using MTP connectivity.
ColdLogik Advance Data Centre Water Cooled Server Racks

ColdLogik takes a modern approach to Data Centre design that is robust, adaptable and ready to control the whole room temperature from a single solution in a more sustainable and profitable way. Unlike traditional Data Centre design ColdLogik utilises Air Assisted Liquid Cooling or AALC and negates heat at the source removing the need for air mixing or containment.

  • AALC uses ambient air within the room to cool the IT equipment. The expelled hot air from IT equipment is pulled over the heat exchanger in the rear doors by fans. Liquid cooling within the exchanger is used to remove the heat and new chilled air is expelled into the room.
  • More efficient way of cooling the Data Centre that reduces energy usage, reduces carbon output and results in operational savings.
  • ColdLogik uses a closed loop system that allows it to use less water and higher water temperatures.
  • Can incorporate a patented leak prevention system.
  • Enables higher rack densities, with heat exchanger doors available capable of cooling heat loads from up to 29kW to up to 200kW with the CL23 HPC ProActive door.

Since 1990 EDP Europe has been designing and supplying solutions and services to our clients within the Data Centre industry to optimise the performance of their IT environments.

Visit us at Data Centre World on stand D622 to find out how EDP Europe can support your Data Centre and help optimise it form future growth, or contact us if you have a requirement that you would like to discuss.