Why the Fujikura 70S leads the way in fusion splicing.

With so many fusion splicers on the market finding the right fusion splicing solution can be a daunting task, until you look at the Fujikura 70S. In this blog we take a look at the Fujikura 70S and why it is widely regarded as the best fusion splicer on the market today.

When it comes to fusion splicers Fujikura is a market leader. With over 30 years research and development experience in fusion splicer design Fujikura offers a wide range of splicer models, with the Fujikura 70S being their flagship model.

So, what makes the Fujikura 70S so special?

The Fujikura 70S has been specifically designed to be more ergonomic, faster and have greater durability than its predecessor the 60S, reducing splicing time to just seven seconds! Its unique automated features, including automated wind protector, reduce the manual operation to a minimum enabling splicing in four steps. Its rugged construction not only protects it against rain and dust, enabling the unit to work all year round in any weather conditions, but also protects it on all six sides from being dropped from a table top height (approximately 30” / 762mm), something other manufacturers aren’t keen to do!

The Fujikura 70S is a true core-to-core alignment fusion splicer, unlike some other splicers that claim to be, as it truly views the core during the core alignment process. Another benefit of Fujikura products is that they perform to their published specifications, so you can be safe assured to be getting exactly what you expect from the fusion splicer. The Fujikura 70S also provides a ‘low cost’ of ownership with lower cost consumables such as electrodes compared to other manufacturers, and a UK based service centre providing a fast turnaround on unit servicing, which depending on usage is recommended yearly or at least once within the 3-year warranty period.

The Fujikura 70S also features a tube heater developed for quicker splicing cycles, a high-resolution LCD monitor, a powerful Li-ion battery for longer operation time and built in videos for on-the-go training.

If you’re interested finding out more about the Fujikura 70S or any other of Fujikura’s fusion splicing solutions please contact our sales department.