Hubbell Premise Wiring is leading the way for CPR Network Cabling

CPR network cabling is now a requirement for new installs, and for the refurbishment of existing network cabling installations, and the effects on the data centre industry will be huge.

Hubbell Premise Wiring, a global manufacturer of high performance structured cabling solutions, that are distributed in the UK by EDP Europe, is setting the industry benchmark regarding Construction Product Regulations (CPR) that govern the fire resistance of cables used in permanent installation within buildings.

For new installations or for the refurbishment or extension of existing network cable instalments within the external fire barrier of buildings and other structures, CPR dictates that all installation cables (which will include network cabling) shall, as a minimum, meet the requirements of EuroClass Cca-s1b, d2, a2, in accordance with BS EN 13501-6. And, in summary, BS 6701 requires all installation cables to be EuroClass Cca-s1b, d2, a2.

In anticipation of this Hubbell Premise Wiring now offer CPR network cabling having recently launched their CPR compliant Cat6 U/UTP, Cat6A F/FTP and Cat7 S/FTP installation cables. All of which meet BS6701 regulations achieving B2ca-s1a d2 a1, Cca-s1a d1 a1 and B2ca-s1a d0 a1 classes respectively. All cables offer significant margin above the electrical transmission performance requirements specified within ISO/IEC 11801.

Throughout 2018 Hubbell Premise Wiring and EDP Europe will be hosting a series of events on CPR and the ramifications they will have on network installations and the data centre industry. Whilst details of these events are still being finalised it is possible to express an interest in attending one of the events by completing the form below to receive advanced notice and priority on booking a place, once venues and dates have been confirmed.

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