Major financial institution adopts RackANGEL rack security solution

With tightening regulatory and compliance requirements affecting information security, the need for better physical security to protect IT assets stored in data centre 19” racks has never been more important. These were just part of the challenges being faced by a major financial institution looking to improve the security of their server racks housed within [...]

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Improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Through Optimising Cooling

How optimised cooling can improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) Ways to improve Power Usage Effectiveness or PUE as it has become better known as has become an important target for most Data Centre Managers in recent years. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a popular metric by which a data centre can measure how efficiently it [...]

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Who’s Responsible for Airflow Management in Co-location Data Centres?

There was an interesting article published on the Data Center Knowledge website, a leading online source for daily news and analysis about the data centre industry, relating to who’s responsible for airflow management in co-location centres? The piece was authored by Lars Strong a leading U.S. expert on airflow management and Senior Engineer and Company [...]

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Packet Power launch new Ethernet Gateway and Hubs

The Packet Power wireless power and environmental monitoring solution, which utilises a self-forming mesh network, has recently been enhanced with the introduction of a new Ethernet Gateway, along with Hubs that enable the connection of third party monitoring devices. The Ethernet Gateway provides the central connecting point for the Packet Power system. As power and [...]

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Protect IT Cabinets Through IP-based Intelligent Security

How the latest IP-based intelligent security systems protect IT cabinets With the ever increasing demand on data security and protection we explore how utilising the latest IP-based intelligent security systems protect IT cabinets and why they are a necessary requirement in today’s IT environments. With regional, national, and enterprise level compliance mandates driving greater levels [...]

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MID Approved Pay per Hour Power Metering Now Available From EDP Europe

Changes in EU legislation regarding energy billing meters, means that from October 2016 any new billing power metering system must be MID approved. Until now if you are a residential, commercial, industrial landlord or property manager having a UK National approved meter was sufficient. If these are currently still installed and measuring accurately they can [...]

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Aisle Containment Systems Aid Airflow Optimisation

EDP Europe explore how aisle containment systems help optimise airflow with data centres in the latest issue of Networks Europe Aisle Containment systems create a physical barrier that prevents the mixing of hot and cold air within a computer room or data centre hall. This is achieved by either enclosing the cold aisle which feeds [...]

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HUBER+SUHNER IANOS Changes The Future of Fibre Optic Cable Management

HUBER+SUHNER IANOS® High Capacity Fibre Optic Management System HUBER+SUHNER, a leading manufacturer of components and systems for optical and electrical connectivity, recently launched their latest high capacity fibre optic management system – IANOS®. IANOS® is a new, class-leading and future-proofed fibre optic management system that facilitates Base-2, 8, 12 and 24 pre-terminated cable systems for [...]

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EDP Europe Launches RackANGEL Microsite

RackANGEL – EDP Europe’s Ultimate Security Solution For IT Cabinets EDP Europe is pleased to announce the launch of our RackANGEL microsite – The new RackANGEL microsite helps visitors learn more about the core components of the RackANGEL solution, and the benefits it provides to the security of IT systems and assets. In a [...]

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The Importance of Monitoring IT Energy Usage

An article in the June issue of Networking+ magazine ( revealed that many of London’s councils are not monitoring IT energy usage when it comes to the power consumption of their desktop computers.  All 32 London boroughs were sent Freedom of Information requests and asked questions about the power consumption of their desktop computers, and [...]

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