Apple iPad Charging Cabinet | Tablet Charging Rack

Apple iPad Charging Cabinet | Tablet Charging Rack

HD3 Apple iPad Charging Cabinet

Charge multiple Apple iPads in a secure cabinet

The HD3 Apple iPad Charging Cabinet from EDP Europe provides a secure cabinet from which to manage and charge 80 iPads.

Product Description

iPad or Tablet Charging Rack

iPad or tablet charging rack for Educational Sector

EDP Europe’s HD3 Apple iPad Charging Cabinet is a flexible iPad or Tablet charging rack that is a perfect solution for charging multiple devices. With the increasing use of iPads and Android Tablets within the Educational sector finding a secure solution in which to manage and charge these high-value assets is vital.

The HD3 iPad Charging Cabinet enables up to 80 Apple iPads or Android Tablets to be charged at one time within an enclosed cabinet that provides central management. Lockable double doors provide security for the devices, with the option for enhanced cabinet security available via a rack access control system. Acrylic inset doors provide visual monitoring of charging devices, while vents on each shelf and at the top of each side panel enables natural ventilation of any hot air built up during charging. Each shelf is fitted with two cradles that each hold 10 iPads or Tablets, power is then supplied via USB cables with the required Lightning or Micro USB connectors. With power supplied and managed within the cabinet the charging cabinet requires just a single power outlet into which it plugs in.

Like the original HD3 Charging Rack and the HD3 Hybrid Charging Cabinet, the iPad Charging Cabinet utilises a welded construction for an enhanced durability while lockable casters provide manoeuvrability and stability.

Need the iPad / Tablet Charging Rack to hold more or less devices, or different devices? Not a problem. The bespoke nature of the HD3 range of charging cabinets enables us to produce custom-designed, bespoke solution that match your requirement and the devices you want to charge. Contact us for more information.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully welded construction for durability, with quick release door swing door handle and options for enhanced security.
  • Inset shatterproof acrylic window for easy viewing of charging devices.
  • Rear mounted power bar for better cable management, with PSUs consolidated and secured at the rear of the shelves.
  • Ventilated shelves and top vents on side panels enable natural ventilation of hot air produced during charging.
  • Custom colour finishes and branding available.
  • Charge 80 iPads or Android Tablets are one time.


EDP HD3 iPad / Tablet Charging Cabinet Data Sheet
EDP Product Brochure


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