Slim-Line HD – Heavy Duty Battery Server Lift

Slim-Line HD – Heavy Duty Battery Server Lift

Slim-Line HD

EDP’s Latest Heavy Duty Battery Server Lift

The Slim-Line HD range of heavy duty battery server lifts provide heavy duty lifting capability whilst still offering outstanding manoeuvrability, with a stable and flexible design.

Product Description

Slim-Line HD

Introducing EDP’s Heavy Duty Battery Server Lift

EDP’s latest Heavy Duty Battery Server Lift Slim-Line HD offers heavy lifting whilst still offering outstanding manoeuvrability thanks to its stable design. The Slim-Line HD range has been developed with high flexibility in mind and can be used in confined surroundings. By handling items with as little force as possible, and by using the right movements the Slim-Line HD helps eliminate harmful work procedures.

The mast on the Slim-Line HD is manufactured from anodised aluminium with a steel carriage that features precision ball bearings. All are fitted with a strong, energy-efficient 24V DC motor and driven by steel reinforced cam belts that require no special maintenance. Slim-Line HD Heavy Duty Battery Server Lifts are easy to control thanks to their soft start and stop action via an intuitive button on the control panel. Lifting speeds vary depending on the model being used, standard models offer an impressive lift speed of 125mm per second, with ‘Quick’ models (Q at the end of the part number) offer 270mm per second.

Safety is a major concern, so with this in mind all moving parts are shielded, the lifts have overload protection and have a security clutch. Slim-Line HD lifters are delivered with intelligent recharging.

If you require a battery server lifter that doesn’t need to be heavy duty then EDP offer the Slim-Line Lite range, along with our original ‘classic’ battery server lifter range.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from anodised aluminium mast and steel carriage with precision ball bearings.
  • 24V DC motors driven by steel reinforced cam belts.
  • Fast lifting time of 125mm/second with 270mm/second possible on ‘Q’ models.
  • Control unit equipped with soft start and stop, with an intuitive button on the control panel.
  • All moving parts are shielded for increased safety, with overload protection and security clutch.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability and near silent operation.
  • 400mm Load centre.
  • Host of accessories to adapt the server lifter for other lifting purposes.
  • Slim-Line HD range lifts up to 200Kg depending on model.

Models Available

Part Number Capacity Lowered Height Raised Height Platform (W x D) Unit Weight
49-SL-80 80Kg 102mm 1303mm (29U) 495mm x 495mm 30Kg
49-SL-80EM 80Kg 102mm 1703mm (38U) 495mm x 495mm 31Kg
49-SL-90SQ 90Kg 110mm 1302mm (29U) 495mm x 495mm 43Kg
49-SL-90Q 90Kg 110mm 1702mm (38U) 495mm x 495mm 45Kg
49-SL-90EMQ 90Kg 110mm 2102mm (47U) 495mm x 495mm 47Kg
49-SL-130S 130Kg 102mm 1302mm (29U) 500mm x 400mm 43Kg
49-SL-130 130Kg 102mm 1702mm (38U) 500mm x 400mm 45Kg
49-SL-130EM 130Kg 102mm 2102mm (47U) 500mm x 400mm 47Kg
49-SL-200 200Kg 84mm 1682mm (37U) 500mm x 400mm 57Kg
49-SL-200EM 200Kg 84mm 2084mm (46U) 500mm x 400mm 59Kg


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