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The USystems USpace 5210 server cabinet rack is a range of premium server cabinets. Available in a range of popular sizes, the USpace 5210 provides outstanding load capacity along with superior venting with its AirTech standard door providing 80% airflow. This can be further enhanced to 86% airflow by using the AirTech ‘V’ door.

Premium Server Cabinet Rack Range

USystems USpace 5210 – A server cabinet rack that offers unbeatable quality, style and innovation.

USystems’ USpace 5210 is a premium server cabinet rack that thanks to its smart design guarantees quality, style and innovation. Utilising a rigid bolted aluminium construction, the USpace 5210 is available in three standard heights of 42U, 47U and 52U, in two widths 600mm or 800mm and in two depth options of 1000mm or 1200mm. The USpace 5210 server cabinet rack has a static load rating of 1,500Kgs (3,307lbs) and a dynamic load rating of 750Kbs (1653lbs). The dynamic load rating is the total rolling mass of the rack and includes the rack frame, cladding and any fitted equipment and accessories, and is subject to the load being evenly distributed at 20U height and below. Dynamic load relates to the movement of the rack within the same Data Centre on a smooth floor clear of any obstacles.

The USpace 5210 server cabinet is set-up to support most projections and installations. It comprises of four robust aluminium corner posts, aluminium top and bottom frame, U height marked front and rear 19” mounting posts with tool-less and step-less adjustability, swing handle lockable front and rear doors, secure side panels, brush access or solid top cover and transport base skids. As standard the USpace 5210 is finished in Grey (RAL7035) paint with Black (RAL9005) internal rails and cable trays.

A key component for airflow management is to preventing hot exhaust air from mixing with the cold air that cools the mounted IT equipment. Gaps between mounted equipment can be sealed through the use of blanking panels. However, it is equally important to prevent hot exhaust air from circulating back to the front via gaps between the cabinet sides and the mounting frame. The 5210 anti-air recirculation kit provides vertical brush strips that attach to the mounting angles along with horizonal blanking panels above and below the mounting angles. This helps reduce hot air recirculation to a minimum and helps enable better airflow management and cooling optimisation. EDP Europe also offers a range of air barrier solutions that help improve airflow management in Data Centre racks.

Cable management can be improved through the use of cable trays which attach to the top and bottom of the rack’s frame. Cable management can be further enhanced via horizontal cable panels, jumper rings and vertical cable fingers all of which enable the USpace 5210 server cabinets to be one of the best managed racks on the market.

The USpace 5210 server cabinet rack has a host of accessories including castors and levelling feet, plinths, shelves, earth bonding kits and bars, ESD kits, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS).

Highly adaptable server cabinet rack

The USpace 5210 range are highly adaptable and can utilise other products. As demand grows for increasing bandwidth due to the increase in data rich content, the need for high density fibre deployments within your facility also rises. Within the USpace 5210 range is the USpace 5210 ODF, a solution to the challenges presented by high density cabling. With a unique working and access environment and all within a small footprint it enables better management of your fibre cables.

The USpace 5210 also works with USystems’ rack cooling solutions such as the CL20 rear door cooler utilised in their water-cooled rack solution. The ColdLogik solution removes the need for hot and cold aisles enabling better utilisation of real estate within the data hall. The ColdLogik solution permits the load removal of up to 93kW* per cabinet, enabling it to withstand low, medium and high density demands.

The server cabinet racks can also be used with the CL80 InRow Coolers where InRow coolers are fitted alongside server cabinets in containment. The coolers ensure efficient thermal and energy performance by removing the heat generated by the active equipment and preventing hot exhaust air from entering space where it is not permitted.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • A range of server cabinet racks in 3 heights, 2 widths and 2 depths.
  • High static load rating of 1,500Kgs (3,307lbs) and a dynamic loading of 750Kgs (1,653lbs).
  • Rigid bolted aluminium construction.
  • Superior venting AirTech standard door with 80% airflow. Increasing to 86% airflow with the AirTech ‘V’ door.
  • Multi-depth mounting with infinite adjustment mounting rails.
  • Multi-cable access through top and base.
  • Secure, quick release cabinet cladding.
  • Left or right hand hinged doors.
  • Fully upgradeable locking system with secure 4 point locking on full width doors and 6 point locking on wardrobe doors. Handles can be upgraded to numeric combination locks or replaced with a full rack access control system.
  • Doors open 180° on bayed racks and 255° when racks are on the end of a row.
  • Suitable for housing all major server brands.



FeatureIncluded as Standard
Colour (Cladding)Grey RAL7035
Colour (Internals e.g. rails, cable tray>Black RAL9005
Rails19” Centred, set back 130mm with 750mm (30”) between rails
U LabelsFront & Rear
Frame (posts)4 Post
BaseTransport skids
Side PanelsSecure quick release hinges
DoorsStandard flat mesh single (options V mesh door / Double mesh door)
Locking4 Point (6 point on wardrobe doors) with swing handle
AccessoriesEarth kit, baying kit
Top CoverSide brush to rear solid to front (in two panels)


Materials & Finish

  • Frame – Extruded aluminium
  • AirTech, mesh steel doors – 1.0, 1.2 & 2.0mm CR4 steel
  • Top Cover – 1.2mm CR4 steel
  • Mounting Angles – 2.0mm CR4 steel
  • Infills for 800w – 1.5mm CR4 steel
  • Paint – Semi gloss powder coat. Light Grey (RAL7035) as standard. Black (RAL9005) as option on extended lead-time. Other colour options on request.



5210 Rack ‘U’ Height42U47U52U
Width (600w)23.62″ / 600mm
Width (800w)31.50″ / 800mm
Footprint depth options37.1″ / 941.6mm and 44.94″ / 1141.6mm
Clad depth options39.37″ / 1000mm and 47.24″ / 1200mm
Height on transport skids79.25″/2013mm88.03″/2236mm96.81″/2459mm
Height on castors82.0″ / 2082mm90.79″ / 2306mm99.53″ / 2528mm
Height on plinth82.64″ / 2099mm91.42″ / 2322mm100.20″ / 2545mm
Max rail space – plug in depth (PID)33.46″ / 850mm (39.37″ / 1000mm deep rack)
41.34″ / 1050mm (47.24″ / 1200mm deep rack)
Static load rating3307lbs / 1500Kg
Dynamic load rating*1653.5lbs / 750Kg


* Dynamic load rating is the total rolling mass of the rack and includes the rack frame, cladding and any fitted equipment and accessories and is subject to the load being evenly distributed at 20U height and below. Dynamic load relates to the movement of a rack within the same Data Centre on a smooth floor clear of obstacles. Not suitable for transportation on a vehicle when loaded to this weight.

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