Retex RetO 19in Racks

RetO 19in Rack From Retex

Retex RetO 19in Racks are the latest addition to the range of flat packed 19in racks available from Retex. Thanks to the RetO’s design, the rack can be quickly built in just 5 minutes! The Retex RetO 19in rack comes in popular sizes of 600mm & 800mm wide, 600mm, 800mm, 1,000mm or 1,200mm deep and heights from 18U up to 47U. The lightweight design of the Reto 19in Rack is around 20% lighter than a conventional rack but robust enough for a static load capacity of 1,200Kg.


Product Description

Retex RetO 19in Racks

Retex RetO has a 5 minute quick assemblyThe Retex RetO 19in rack is the latest addition to the Retex range of flat packed 19in racks, which also includes the Logic 2. The unique design of the Retex RetO 19in rack enables it to be quickly assembled in 5 minutes. Built around an inner freestanding structure that assembles using 8 bolts, the Retex RetO is lightweight but robust; 20% lighter than a conventional rack but with a static load capacity of 1,200Kg.

Retex RetO offers great flexibility for a rack designed for the data centre and computer room markets. It provides greater adjustability thanks to two adjustable multifunction members, which provide stability and enables the installation of accessories, and 4 x 19” profiles that are infinitely adjustable back and forth. The scaled top and bottom side aluminium profiles enable accurate positioning.

The RetO side panels have a tool-less design, which are installed without any fixings, and can be removed, in one of two ways. Firstly the side panels can be lifted out from the rack as per conventional rack side panels, or by simply sliding them back and forth. This method enables the side panels to be easily removed when racks are bayed together, without the need to remove the baying kits first. Security of the side panels is maintained as they can not be removed without opening the front or rear door first.

The RetO also makes the job of baying racks together easier thanks to a new design of baying kit that is quick to install. The RetO 19in rack also features secure locking via swing handle locks, numbered profiles on 42U & 47U racks (available as an option on other rack heights) and also features coloured ABS corner lids that enable customisation and better identification of the function of each rack.

Retex RetO 19in racks are available in two widths, 600mm and 800mm, and a variety of heights and depths. They can be finished in Black or Light Grey.

Features & Benefits

The Retex RetO rack has many features & benefits including:

  • Unique flat packed designed rack that can be quickly assembled in 5 minutes.
  • Flat packed design enables easier transportation, storage and deployment of racks within the data centre or computer room.
  • Top and bottom rails are aluminium profiles, making for a lightweight yet robust rack; 20% lighter than conventional racks but with a static load capacity of 1,200Kg.
  • Profile sections are infinitely adjustable back and forth with scaled marking for accurate positioning.
  • Security – one lock secures all accesses.
  • Front and rear doors feature a 190° opening angle, with a choice of mesh, safety glass or steel options, in either single or double door styles.
  • Tool-less side panels that can be lifted out or slid back and forth even when racks are bayed together.
  • Easy baying, the RetO features a new design concept for baying the racks together that is quick to install and requires no tools.
  • Available in heights from 18U up to 47U, widths of 600mm & 800mm and depths of 600mm, 800mm, 1,000mm and 1,200mm.
  • Available in two colours Black or Light Grey.


Retex RetO Data Sheet
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