HUBER+SUHNER LiSA fibre optic system consists of Cable Distribution Racks (CDRs), or Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) as they are also known as, Fibre Trays, Patch Panels and Distribution Units and manage fibres that are distributed from one area to another.

With a 300 mm depth and full access from the front side, LiSA CDR cabinets can be positioned against unused walls, at the end of cold aisles or back-to-back on a single floor tile. LiSA racks have a density of 1500 LC ports per rack or 3000 LC ports per tile when placed back-to-back, in MTP® applications the density is 1080 or 2160 MTP ports respectively.

Incoming fibres are managed in specially designed fibre trays. LISA Fibre Trays are available in various types including splicing, patching, splitting and Transition trays and are the connectivity blocks that are an essential part of the system. These side-facing trays makes access easier with greater safety from lasers when cables are connected or removed.