19" Enclosures

EDP Europe offers a full range of 19″ Enclosures from major manufacturers such as Retex, USystems and Rittal.

Our range of 19″ Enclosures enables us to provide 19″ racking solutions for data centres, enterprise IT environments, computer rooms and even offices. Our 19″ Enclosure range includes 19″ Server Cabinets, 19″ Network Racks and custom built cabinets. We also provide specialist 19″ Enclosures such as soundproof cabinets, water cooled racks and IP rated server enclosures.

19″ Enclosure Products for Data Centres & IT Rooms


Guide to Server Racks and Data Cabinets for Data Centres

More on 19″ Enclosures & Infrastructure Solutions for Data centres and IT comms rooms


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