HUBER+SUHNER Fibre Trays are a vital component of the LISA (Leading Inter-connect System Approach) centralised cross-connect system.

The HUBER+SUHNER LISA fibre optic solution is a high density fibre management system that provides a centralised cross-connect in the main distribution area (MDA) of large data centres. The Cable Distribution Rack (CDR) also known as an ODF is a purpose built cabinet designed to manage high densities of fibre cable and provide the connections servicing the data centre’s network connections.

These incoming fibres are managed in specially designed fibre trays. LISA Fibre Trays are avaialable in various types including splicing, patching, splitting and Transition trays and are the connectivity blocks that are an essential part of the system. LISA fibre trays or fibre cassettes as they are sometimes called are designed so that when they are installed into the racks side-facing. This enables them to be accessed from the front of the cabinet and also provides greater safety from lasers when cables are connected or removed. These sliding fibre cassettes in conjunction with the sophisticated cable routing simplifies installation and reduces service time. Colour coding of the cassettes combined with clear port numbering improves the identification of circuits.

The fibre trays cover a wide range of applications including pigtail splicing and MTP-LC transitions. The majority of splicing applications are Singlemode LC because this combination provides a future-proofed infrastructure with low-loss and precise in terms of cable slack management. MTP-LC transitions are generally Multimode OM3 or OM4 allowing operators to re-use MTP backbone and upgrade it later to parallel optics up to 40G and 100G. In addition to this there are also patching trays and splitting trays.

LISA Fibre Trays for fibre optic networks


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