EDP Europe distributes 19″ soundproof cabinets from USystems including the UCoustic Edge 9210i.

USystems is a leading manufacturer of 19″ cabinets whose range of cabinets includes soundproof cabinets designed to reduce the noise of IT equipment in areas where it could cause a distraction. The USpace 7250 cabinet is a soundproof wall box that is available in three height options of 12U, 18U and 21U. It dissipates 1kW of heat as standard which increases to 1.5kW with the 3 way fan, and has a noise attenuation of up to 15db.

The UCoustic Edge 9210i gives greater noise reduction, improved flexibility on heat load removal and connection to USystems’ M2M inteligence controller. The UCoustic Edge 9210i is available in passive or active versions, with the later capable of handling heat loads up to 12kW, and in three height sizes of 12U, 24U and 42U.

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