Aisle Containment systems are used within a data centre or enterprise IT environment to segregate hot and cold airflow and prevent them from mixing. With Cold Aisle Containment the entire cold aisle is enclosed, so containing the cold air. EDP offers a retro-fit cold aisle containment system that can be fitted to existing rows of cabinets. Because it is a retro-fit solution it can also be used for hot aisle containment. EDP Europe’s cold aisle containment offers a range of door options and roof options, with Thermal Curtain Cold Aisle Containment also available.

EDP Europe also offers Upsite Technologies’ AisleLok Modular Containment system that uses easy to install rack top roof baffles that can be used for Cold Aisle Containment or Hot Aisle Containment. The solution also offers Bi-Directional Swing Doors for quick attachment to the end racks of an aisle row.