Grounding busbars and bonding straps play a vital role in safety procedures for protecting both personnel and installed equipment.

Faults within lighting and power systems can result in large currents that may create hazardous voltages within the installation. Within the data centre or telecommunications room there must be an Earthing system that allows for the bonding of equipment, racks, frames, and other metal objects such as cable trays, water pipes, metal floor tiles etc.

The grounding of IT equipment within a rack can be an issue as many IT racks are painted with non-conductive paint that requires scrapping before the bonding strap can be secured. This can usually be achieved through the use of special washers that scrap the paint away. When earthing a rack containing a lot of panels that require earthing an alternative means is the use of either a vertical or horizontal grounding busbar, this only requires the busbar to come in contact with the metal of the rack with multiple pieces of equipment then attaching to the busbar.

Hubbell offer a range of grounding solutions including grounding busbars and bonding straps for use in these areas.

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