Network Cable Management Solutions from Hubbell includes the Hubbell iFrame, a network hardware management system that uses columns to mount networking equipment between.

Using this system saves valuable data centre floor space and looks much more organised and clean as it has a fifth of the parts of a traditional system. Network equipment mounts between the columns whilst cabling is run within the columns. The result is an exceptionally strong and flexible hardware management system. Also with the network cable management solutions is Hubbell’s Remote Equipment Cabinet ReBox, a cabinet specifically designed for housing remote network equipment. ReBox provides a safe and secure environment for mounting network equipment and is suitable for protecting communications equipment in locations such as classrooms, warehouses and retail outlets.

Hubbell also offers a variety of cable protection systems that protect hoses and cables that are run across the floor. Their range of floor cable protectors includes: TrukTrak an industrial floor cable protector design to protect cords and hoses from being damaged by heavy vehicles and high volumes of pedestrian traffic. TredTruk is a cable protection system for protecting cables in commercial applications from damage by light vehicles and pedestrian access, AccessTrak a cable protection ramp that is ADA compliant, ProTrak a lightweight cable protection system for protecting cables from light vehicle and pedestrian access and FloorTrak for protecting cables from pedestrian traffic in offices and other public areas.

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