Patch Panels - Keystone Module Frames

EDP Europe also supply Patch Panels and Keystone module frames from Hubbell Premise Wiring and METZ CONNECT.

Hubbell offer a range of flat and angled keystone module frames for their Cat6 and Cat6A jacks, including a high density panel offering 48 ports in just 1RU. They also provide a Shielded Cat6A keystone module panel for their shielded Cat6A jack.

As well as supplying patch cords, METZ CONNECT offers a variety of patch panels, from punch-down patch panels to Keystone Module frames that use individual 24 or 48 Keystone modules. Patch panels and keystone module frames are available in various RU heights including 0.5U, 1U and 1.5U.

Also available is the DCCS2 system that enables copper and fibre patching to be done from within the same 1U panel. The assembly chassis can be kitted out with various link modules enabling single mode and multi mode fibre to be in the same 1U space as copper terminations.

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